My name is Mackenzie Pearce Kuehn. I see the world through the constant lenses of design. I can’t walk down the street without questioning the architecture, advertising or branding around me. I am an Atlanta-native who drove across the country to live in San Diego after discovering my passion for graphic design and marketing. I have always been creative but my skills were put to good use in college when I not only survived Graphic Design courses but fell in love with the industry. Graphic Design is art with purpose, influence and power. Not only do you have to have an eye for aesthetics, but a connection with human emotion as you predict how your audience will respond. I love working with difference clients and changing my design based on my audience; all while incorporating my own creative spin. The world of marketing is ruthless and rapidly changing, but that’s what excites me. I’m thankful that I have fallen into an industry that lets me practice my artistic abilities, all while reaching the eyes of many people. I hope you will enjoy a taste of my design work and please contact me if you would like to work together.

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